Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CAG bash memories - 1850

Greeting one and all, I am sorry for the slow flow of updates I had been for sometime updating the site 4-5 times in 7 days but life catches up to you and the blog tends to fall by the wayside. I have been keeping to a Monday Wednesday Friday type schedule though which is a consolidation prize for myself personally. =)

I have so much to say about all the drama filled nonsense floating around the web this week. Price hikes, policy changes, and new resin!!! However I will wait until Friday since that’s how we roll here. In the meantime this Saturday is CAGBASH local RTT here locally. They will have several events much to the tune of cincycon and a 1850 40k event. I will most likely be taking the same list I took to adepti since I haven’t had time to really do much modeling. I might tweak it a bit, we will see.

In the meantime lets speed the blog up to 88 miles an hour and take a trip back in time to a year ago when I attended the first CAG bash last year.  I had really just started playing demons and my list was a bit random as I was still testing units out. This was the first real test run of the army for me and I learned a ton. My army wasn’t completely done yet so be warned lol. The bases are all white still among other small details of incomplete.

I ended up taking this list last year

2 heralds of zinch
Skully on chariot
3 grinders
3 units plague bearers
2 units flamers
2 units hounds
4 bloodcrushers

The first round I ended up paired up against space marines. The player was new and his list was random. In fact I was pretty sure that he had to borrow units to be able to play. I spend the game teaching him how to play and honestly I always at least make an attempt to make sure the newer players have a good time and don't feel like everyone at a tourney will just table them... laugh , point and then walk away possibly kicking a puppy before the next round. 

Over all he said he had a really fun time and afterwards we talked basic rules and even tactics for a bit. I ended up winning round one with max points though. He wasn't upset though because he came to learn and didn't really expect to do well. 

His downfall was honestly he was so focused on the actual rules he wasn't really thinking about what he should be doing with his units. We talked about that a bit too. 

 I want to make a point to show this kodak moment here as you can see Skulltaker on a chariot has charged a Tac squad of marines and not only does skulltaker not wipe them out in one round, but at the end of four rounds he actually dies. I think he only killed 3 marines with his horrible rolling. lmao. It was really funny at the time.

Round two I was matched up against Dickie and his SW from the martial law crew. I honestly didn't really know him at this point and didn't know he was a pretty good player locally here. He had never played demons before so we squared off. He was running Razorback spam with a rune priest. Pretty basic list. 

Dickie and I had a good game despite my odd list. We both had trouble really killing the other person though which was interesting. I could not open his vehicles through the entire game. I could pen in fact I would pen the vehicles left and right but I couldn't roll above a 3 on the damage chart. My list just didn't have what it took to try and recover from my shooting failing. So he slowly picked me apart and the last turn really pulled ahead winning this round. He went on to win the tourney though so I didn't feel bad since no one else beat him at this event either lol. Also I would get a rematch at cincycon. =P 

Round three I ended up drawing Nids in what was my first match up with nids with my demons. It was a real struggle for my list. I will admit that nids are a interesting match up anyway for demons at least for me personally. However this was a learning experience on top of that and I saw right away that this list just was lacking the tools it needed to be balanced in any real manner. I ended up pulling a tie though and skulltaker actually got to instant kill a MC or two which is why you bring him right? 

Anyway I finished middle of the pack someplace. I had a great time and I learned a ton. It was one of my first 5 tourneys and my first event with demons. So it was a good time and this year I plan to go back and not be such a push over. =P I'll be there Friday camera in hand so expect some notes and reports to show up next week!!! If I can manage to I hope to have game one up on Wednesday. I also have another event organizing 101 Q and A post to go up on Monday.


  1. Brings back some memories.
    I found a pic of you...

    Enjoy! See you there!

  2. Here's one of you and Dickie...

  3. Wow looking through your pics its funny because I was the "new guy" so I didn't really know that many people. Now looking through the pictures I know a ton of those people lol.

    It was really fun and honestly like my third tourney ever or something =P

    See you there too!!!


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