Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CAG BASH 2011 - Overview

Cag Bash 2011 has come and gone. It took place over the weekend and actually was set up to have several mini tourneys going on inside of it. Warmachines, FOW and others. I went to the 40k event on Saturday and it was a good time but a little bit sad at the same time. I will admit the event was a really cool local event last year with a great turn out of like 50 or more people I think. Plus they give out nice prize support, with a cool trophy if you place. This year there was some falling out in the Cinci community and attendance was just under 30ish people I think. Don't get me wrong it was still a fun day and a fun event I was just a little surprised that it was smaller than last year.

Cag is run by Sean Pittman aka Makari who is one of the Martial Law crew. I think he passed on round 2 of the ard boys fantasy to instead run his yearly event. So first off big Thanks to him for putting something together for the community. He also had a string of volunteers and I want to say thanks to those guys for helping out so guys like me could show up and have a good time. 

Few notes about the CAG tourney. The missions are a little fun or wacky I think. Not bad but not typical I will admit that the mix of the mission and the table I played on round one was a huge challenge for me and when the dust settled I didn't do so well round one. =P Oh well it was a good time and I still struggled along and had fun. I ended up finishing 6th overall and going into the last round I am pretty sure if I could have maxed out points I could have gotten second place. However my final round was honestly a really great game and we ended up clashing the entire battle. As we both would deny the other max points and any chance at tourney glory for the day. 

Also the Martial Law guys as usual showed up in force.

Demons took first and second place I believe and 3rd place was chaos marines. Best painted went to a well deserving Tau army. The owner of the best painted Tau's is a great guy and always a fun time to play against. Also the award was dedicated to Ian one of our local group who passed this year. He was a outstanding painter and thus this award was dedicated to his memory this year and possibly in the future? It was very classy. 

I took pictures of most the tables at the event. I want to point out that the terrain was crazy this year lol. It could just be me but really if you look at the pictures you can judge for yourself. I felt that some tables had great terrain set up and some had too little and a few had way too much believe it or not. The terrain was all fantastic looking though and for sale. =P

I did my best to take pictures of as many armies as I could before the event started. There was a odd mix of armies this year and it was really surprising given the new releases what showed up. There was 4 demon players, only two of the new knights. Two or three Dark eldar and a mixture of marines. There was one IG player!!!! ONE!!! lol. also a few Tau and Chaos players showed up. Also the other demon players all rocked different versions of the Fatecrusher build and as I said above one took first and anther took second. I was nudged that I should just play that as well instead of my odd balanced list.

I'll be doing my traditional crazy detailed picture heavy battle reports coming soon. 

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