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CAG 2011 round 1 - Demons Vs Orks

Round one is always a interesting match up no one has any points and its completely up to chance who you play on what board. You don't really know what list you will be met up against. The only thing I didn't want to play round one was another Demon player. Other than that I thought I would be ok with just about any match up. However I then got what I called a perfect storm or challenge to play against. Looking back on it I can see I made some mistakes. Oh well live and learn. Lets go through what went down with some thoughts afterwards. 

If you don't know I am talking about Cag bash 2011 which you can read a bit about here. First off my list is the same list I took to Adepticon. I have changes I want to make but alas life gets in the way and I haven't had time to model up a few upgrades. So the only thing I changed was to combine two squads of screamers into one larger squad. I should have changed some other things but wanted to side on the fact I have played the army a number of times already and know what it does. So maybe that's worth more than the tweaking for reliability and a better shot against heavy armor. We shall see!!!! 

My list is 

3 zinch heralds on chariot with bolt, master of sorc. 
2 units 6 fiends
4 crushers icon, fury, instrument
2 x 5 man plague bearers
2 x 7 bloodletters
2 soul grinders with phlegm
1 demon prince with wings, mark of zinch, bolt
6 screamers of zinch

I also decide I will split the army up a more evenly than I normally do so that a roll of a two or less on my wave choice isn't as big a deal over the course of the day. 

The board is crazy heavy with terrain which could be good or bad let's take a look at the board. 

Wow.. I was surprised by the amount of terrain but I suppose this could be do able. Lets look at the mission

Scenario 1: Salvaging Scorched Earth

Overview: The Battlefield is in ruins, some areas are still burning but crucial equipment lays scattered on the battlefield.
Line of Retreat: Units that fall back do so toward their own table edge via the shortest route possible as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (pg 45).
Game Length: Standard see (pg.90) Alternatively the game ends immediately when the tournament judge declares that time has elapsed. Players should not begin a new turn if there is insufficient time remaining to complete the turn.
Deployment (Spearhead): (pg. 93) Before deployment, the players roll-off and the winner places the first of D3+2 objective markers with both players alternating objective placement after that. No Objective can be placed within 12” of another objective or table edge. Both players may choose to place units in reserve using the Reserves special rule (pg 94). When a unit is placed in reserve, the owning player must declare how that unit will enter play from reserves (e.g. Deep Strike, Outflank, etc). At all times, armies must follow any and all special deployment rules specific to their Codex. Finally, alternate deploying any infiltrators and make any scout moves. The player that chose his deployment zone first starts game Turn 1 with his first player turn. His opponent may attempt to seize the initiative as described in the Warhammer 40,000 5th edition rules (pg 92).
Special Rules: Infiltrate, Deep strike, Reserves, Scorched earth (See Below)
Scorched Earth: Roll a D6 for each area terrain on a 4+ consult the chart below.
1-2 Burning : Counts as dangerous terrain and smoking ( See below)
3-4 Smoking: +1 Cover save to any unit in the area terrain.
5-6 Crumbling: -1 Cover save to any unit in the area terrain, to a minimum of 6+.
Smoking and Burning results completely block line of sight drawn across and beyond the terrain, but not in terrain.

Primary : (Objective Markers): To control an objective (Monster Sized Base) you must have a Scoring Unit with at least 1 model within 3” of an uncontested objective marker. Individual Scoring Units may control multiple objectives if the above criteria are met. (Scoring: Win = 15, Draw = 7, Loss = 0)
Secondary (Battlefield Control): To secure the secondary objective you must have at least one unit wholly in every standard table quarter at the end of the game. The unit need not be scoring, nor can this objective be contested - just check to see if each player has the required unit wholly in each quarter. To win, a player must achieve this while their opponent does not. If both players achieve this, then the result is a draw. If neither player achieves this, then the result is a loss for both players. (Scoring: Win = 10, Draw = 5, Loss = 0)
Tertiary (Victory Points): The player must score at least 750 more Victory Points than their opponent as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (pg 300). If the Victory Point total is within 750 points, the players draw this objective. (Scoring: Win = 5, Draw = 3, Loss = 0)
+1: If your opponent controls no objective markers at the end of the game.
+1: If you achieved the secondary mission and all units used to control the quarters were scoring.
+1: If your opponent has fewer than 4 units left at the end of the game

That means all that terrain is basically TLOS blocking walls of smoke for this game.. If you take another look at the board you can see that this really changes the dynamic of the game I think. Plus all the terrain has a chance to be dangerous.  Ok so lets take a look at the army I am up against. 



Big Mek KFF eavy armor

10 boys Nob claw X 2

20 Boys NOB claw, bosspole, 2 big shoota's X 2

3 MegaNobs Battle wagon, 3 big shoota's, zap gun, deffrolla

11 Loota's one big mek

Battle WAgon 3 big shoota's, zap gun, deffrolla X2

Battle Wagon 3 big shoota's zap gun

rut row shaggy all that line of site blocking terrain means that getting side shots on those wagons while staying out of range of his mass ork fire is going to be something fun depending on how he plays it. We set up the objectives and roll off. I win roll to go first and take it. Why? Because I want to pick his deployment zone. although looking back I think having last turn in a objective game would have been better but with so much terrain I wanted him in the open area as much as possible so I could work on taking away his mobility. Let's throw some dice and see how this goes!!! =) 

This is in my bottom right hand corner area. 

This is actually inside the massive building that pretty much takes up the entire bottom left of my side of the table. This thing is huge. 

This one is about center of the table. 

This one is in his deployment zone. 

This is on his table side but to my left. 

So lets start with a nice over view shot of the terrain with a little bit of table here and there. =P

He castles up his wagons in his deployment zone. 

He also has three boys units which he spread out to limit my ability to DS close to him. A very solid move I would have done the same. He puts a 20 boy unit on the right with a 10 man unit behind for the objective. The other 10 man is on the left by his wagons. I split my wave in two and get my primary. As you can see in this picture there is a small area behind him to Drop in. I decide that its a gamble but if I could put a Grinder there it would really gum him up for a turn or two and be worth it while he has to deal with it. Also honestly there isn't many places for it to drop that are much better. I roll it up and BOOM he goes off the able by an inch and explodes into the nothingness. ORKS ahead in VP's!!!! lol.  

I drop my fiends and they scatter to the right more than I would like. Not shabby though. The chariot drops behind them still in range of shooting the wagon but not by much. 

I drop the screamers right in his face to be annoying since he won't want to tank shock through them taking his rolla's out of the picture for a turn and limiting his mobility keeping him in his deployment zone. The crushers scatter behind them which means they can't make it to terrain with a run move so I put them behind the screamers to be a threat he has to deal with.  My herald lands in a useless location since he isn't allowed to see over that bit of terrain. 

I drop my plague bearers inside the building on the objective for us both to forget about the rest of the game I have that objective and he even admits he prob won't be worrying about it. My letters scatter into his wagons and he gets to place them. He puts them in the far corner by my building so they will spent a long time trying to make is it someplace useful. 


Fiends spread out and the herald shoots the wagons side armor pens it and he makes his KFF save. 

Screamers make pew pew sounds while pretending they can shoot. 

ORKS turn one. 

He moves his wagons slightly forward and unloads with all the wagons and the stuff inside on my screamers and my crushers. His Orks must have been really offended by the pew pew sounds because they could shoot really well that turn lol. He beat the averages on the dice with each shoota squad which was impressive and by the end of his shooting he has wiped out my crushers and screamers. He then positions his boys squads so that my fiends can't get to his wagons on the right side of the board, bubble wrap for the win. 
Demons Turn 2

He didn't have to move much and just shot a ton. Between my DS problems and his shooting I am basically down 4 units already. Things are so far going well for the orks. I get a unit of plague bearers, fiends, demon prince from reserve.

I move my fiends on the right to try and get out of terrain since I don't have grenades but I fail with sad terrain and fleet rolls... Aww hell.

My letters off in wonderland move and run toward the action to maybe be useful at some point. 

I drop my zombies on another objective. 

Since he has a ton of weight of fire and is rolling well I give myself some cover and a little more space this time and drop my prince and fiends back just a bit away from the center. 

My heralds move up to take out his wagon with the loota's in it. They shoot and one shot gets through the KFF and makes a nice crater full of loota's. 

I figure what the hell and I charge the unit of orks on the right to see what happens. I lose combat and get beat up pretty badly as expected. He will be able to finish off the fiends on his turn. but I will keep them busy for a bit. 

He moves up his other boys unit to shoot and charge the fiends

His wagons shift around but stay all together again as they start another round of mass shooting. 

Gaz gets out of the wagon to eat the herald who took out the wagon 

The boys in the back shift to hold the objective. 

Gaz closes in on his target before assaulting and easily taking the last wound off the herald after all the shooting. 

The other herald did a little better since he got the brunt of the wagons fire. He is still alive with 2 wounds left. 

His boys charge my fiends and get destroyed by them. I think he was feeling slightly cocky after I charged his boys already with one squad, but striking last is a huge difference. 

The boys finish off the fiends on the right side but don't go too far afterword. 
Demons Turn 3

I get my other grinder who scatters here and immobile's itself.
The only consolidation I have is it can take pop shots at the one boys squad since it isn't allowed to see anything else because of the smoke filled terrain. =P

The fiends rush forward and charge the wagon they can reach. They knock off a weapon and immobilize it. which really given the number of attacks is lame lol. 

The prince moves up and pens the top wagon but he makes his KFF save. My herald also pens a wagon and he makes his KFF save. 

Orks Turn 3

Gaz makes his way toward the new grinder to smashy it. 
The loota's stay still and unload on the herald some more killing it this turn.

Guard duty still is happening by the fallen Marine objective. 

Everything that can shoots at the Fiends but they are only able to kill a few of them this time around. The onces left destroy another weapon off the wagon. 

Demons Turn 4

The letters come in and drop by the objective So he knows if he doesn't wipe them out I can hold it. This should keep his boys and loota's busy and depending on the dice contest his objective. I also get another herald that lands in the center area but is out of range to shoot anything. 

The Demon Prince jumps up and bolts the wagon, but he makes his KFF save. The Prince looses his temper and in the assault phase rips the wagon apart until it explodes leaving a pile of orks with guns to shoot him next turn. 

Overview shots the wagons in the back are dead already. 

Orks Turn 4

His boys get out of the immob wagon and hoof it toward the center objective. Also the boys on top kill the prince with shooting in what I again consider great rolling on his part. He was shooting pretty well all game. Which is awesome when it happens for a ork player. 

His loota's move up to be able to shoot the letters next turn and his boys in the back spread out to be able to add a few shots to the nonsense. 

Although he may not need the loota's his one boys squad is able to kill off four letters. From shooting. 

Gaz decides not to assault the grinder and also shoots at the letters. 

Demons Turn 5

I move up my herald to contest the center objective. I also move up my letters to be able to counter charge and take the center objective should the game last that long. 

I can't do anything on the right side really so I move the letters I left so that its possible bad dice will stop a assault. I take some shots that do nothing important on my turn.

Orks TURN 5

His boys move down a bit to try and get his big shoota's in range. 

His boys have no problem moving through terrain and will contest if not claim the objective depending on shooting and assault. I don't have a picture of it but he assaults and wipes them out after they live through all his shooting. He does claim this objective. We are well out of time in fact I had rushed my turn before so he would get his entire turn since I knew it would be important to the outcome. 

He didn't do the center assault since he didn't have time to do them both and he was pretty sure he could get the other one. So we end up tying the primary in what was a fun close game. No one gets the secondary since I lost to many units to be everywhere and I kept him in his deployment zone the entire game. He easily gets some points VP wise since I couldn't open his wagons and get to the creamy middle of them all game. lol I spent most the game trying to deal with the terrain. 

As a note this is was something amusing to me since this was the first game that I could have made out better by slow playing him. I have never honestly been in a game and thought that man if I slow play I could get way more points during one turn. I didn't do that however and encouraged him to help me hurry along so he would always get his full turns. I also note that I might have gotten another objective if I had another turn and could have attempted to get the secondary by having a unit in all quarters.. Its just amusing to me that the game could have gone so different depending on at what stage we stopped at. Which means it was close and close games are always good games in my book. 

Also looking back on it I think maybe I should have taken the open area and made him deploy all his wagons and people around that massive building in the center making his army useless for almost two turns depending on how he did it. Although that wouldn't have been a very fun game. 

Over all my opponent was a great guy and I had a good time playing him. I hope he felt the same afterwards. I ended up with something sad like 7 points. However this is a RTT so its always possible to come from behind depending on what the other players do so I haven't given up yet!! ON to round 2!!!

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