Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bungle in the Jungle VI - the Frontline

Follow up post to the Bungle in the Jungle event that you can see here.

The battle was epic as all apoc battles should be. There was about 24 generals leading their forces and showing allegiance (at least for the day) to one of the two commanders. The war torn jungle planet would be the site of mass destruction that would span the entire jungle world. The forces of order had been made up of  imperial forces and some agreement struck with the Xenos Eldar or perhaps a blind eye to another target that would absorb fire on the battle field. While the forces of disorder was made up of random forces of ill intent who all happen to arrive at the same time on the planet for unknown reasons.

On the North most continent of the planet Astartus in Terminator armor marched in numbers that would rival the actual plant life. Sent no doubt to meet the Ork Tide who had started marching forward here. The ork Tide was mechanical but still vast in numbers as several Ork walkers of all shapes and sizes clanked loudly through the jungle growing excited to see the opposing force.

The jungle terrain of the planet was under estimated by both sides. The harsh conditions restricted movement to such a degree that the entire battle would turn into a fire fight between the sides. Both sides unable to navigate the thick Jungle in a quick or useful manner. This would continue until the Orks would get frustrated with the progress and no doubt withdraw at some point to go in search of a real fight.

On the eastern side of the Planet larger engines of war faced off. Several forces of Chaos marched forward as the IG supported the forward movement of a Titan. Oddly the Eldar wraith-guard was in this area in vast numbers also doing battle. Another command of IG used this as a distraction and also gave fire support to them as they moved forward on the battle field. It was classic my enemies enemy is my friend. Also in a surprise a Nid presence showed its face on the field catching the forces of Order off guard.

The two forces held each other from advancing. The Titans both took a beating but as one would fall it would only be a short time before another had moved up the back lines far enough to take its place. The chaos took the brunt of the attack though having a titan go apocalyptic at least two times during the battle before it was over. 

On the western side of the planet Two forces of Chaos has gathered toward a large Idol built by the natives of this world. Forces of Nurgle and Thousand Sons both moved toward this location only to have the advance halted by yet another appearance of Eldar wraith guard. With several long range IG commands again using them as a distraction and laying down long range firepower. However the mass carnage of the field attracted the attention of those that live in the warp. As a demonic host of soul grinder war machines pressed through reality and appeared on the field followed by others from the warp shortly after. The Nurgle and Zinch forces would also have a forward distraction to take advantage of.

The Western battle would get all kinds of out of hand. The advancing demon horde would draw the attention of another IG commander as well as the Grey Knights who arrived via Thunderhawk. They had been blinded by the hatred and urge to kill the Demons though. After a successful move on the Demons back lines they would be distracted by another pocked of Nids they hadn't accounted for. Fighting back this unit left them open for the Thousand Sons forces to assault them in a battle of attrition. As they fought of the odds the entire back line would shift both chaos and order alike as another horde of Ork walkers arrived also drawn to the chaos. The back lines became a mess of war as the front lines continued to be a fight between Demonic forces, the Eldar and IG.

The south side of the planet has sketchy reports of IG and BA forces turning back Necrons. The intel from the battlefield is all but lost in transition. (I oddly don't have pictures of any of this part of the table lol.)


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast- great models across some awesome scenery.

  2. Our LGS Krystal Keep has a amazing selection of scenery and a great gaming area I really can't complain about that. It was a good time. =)

  3. But how did it END!? Did the forces of order prevail over the united front of chaos?

  4. If you must know the final tally at the end of the game had the forces of Chaos ahead by a few objectives. The battle was lost this day for the forces of order but the war continues.

  5. Hey! I painted that Emperor! Cool that it made it here. Sad that the guy using it was a cheating SOB. :/


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